The Crystal Dragon

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Snazaroo 6 Piece Face Painting Sticks Rainbow
Only  $8.95

New Arrivals - April 13, 2024
  • Funko POP! Animation 1383 Boruto with Chakra Blade
  • Funko POP! Rocks 339 Bon Scott
  • Funko Pop Rocks 51 Guns And Roses Slash
  • Funko Pop 597 Star Wars Darth Vader
New Arrivals - April 12, 2024
  • HEM Incense 20 Stick Tube OM, Sage, Precious Moon, Cedar, Rain Forest, French Vanilla, Raspberry, First Rain, Cinnamon Apple, Vanilla Cinnamon, Honeysuckle, Vanilla, Fairy Dreams
  • Wood Ash Catcher Butterfly
  • HEM Aroma Oil Mystic Lavender & Mystic White Sage
  • Goloka Essential Oil Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Clove 10ml
  • Incense Satya Nag Champa Agarbatti 15g Box
  • Incense Goloka Zombie Repellent 15g Box
  • Incense HEM The Planets Tube 20 Sticks
  • Goloka Soap 75 Grams Lemongrass & Mint
  • Satya Premium Incense Feng Shui, Youthful, Incense Black Sandal
  • Wood Curved Ash Catcher Wide
  • Zenn Pre Packaged Nag Champa Sage Smudge Bundle
  • Zenn Pre Packed Palo Santo Sticks
  • Resin Ash catcher Red Dragon Figurine
  • HEM Incense Hexa White Sage Tube 10 Sticks
  • HEM Incense (20 Stick Tube) Strawberry, Night Queen, Green Apple
  • , Everest, Green Tea Honey Rose, Mango Cucumber, Morning Mist, Rosemary, Sandal Vanilla, The Star, White Sage & Vanilla, Wild Cherry, Wild Orchids, Blue Sage, Musk, Coffee, Sea Breeze
  • Satya Premium Incense Dragon's Blood
New Arrivals - April 11, 2024
  • Tamiya XF-21 Acrylic Flat Sky
  • Academy Clipper Ship Cutty Sark 1/350
  • Trumpeter Canadian AVGP Grizzly Tank 1/35
  • woodland scenes hot wire foam cutter
  • woodland scenes foam cutter bow and guide
  • woodland scenes track bed stripes
  • Excel Sprue Cutter
  • Excel Extra Hands With Magnifier
  • Tamiya TS-9 British Green Spray Paint
  • Airfix Dogfight Doubles BF109/Spitfire 1:72 Scale Model
  • AMT Saturn V Apollo Spacecraft 1/200 Scale Model
  • ACADAMY P47D Razorback1/72
  • Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc 1/24
  • Airfix 2023 Catalogue
  • AMT 55 Chevy Nomad 1/16
  • AMT Peterbuilt 352 Pacemaker Cabover 1/25
  • AMT 1925 Ford Model T Chopped T 1/25
  • AMT Weekend Wrenchin' 1/25 Scale Garage Accessory Kit
  • AMT 1962 Ford Thunderbird 1/25 Scale Model
  • AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat Hardtop 1/25 Scale Model
  • AMT 1965 Chevelle Modified Stocker 1/25 Scale Model
  • Tamiya Surface Primer Spray Paint
  • Tamiya Acrylic X9 Gloss Brown, X-23 Clear Blue, X-28 Park Green, X-31 Titanium Gold, X-31 Bronze, XF-11 J.N. Green, XF-14 J.A. Grey, XF-22 RLM Grey, XF-23 Light Blue, XF-23 Light Sea Grey, XF-27 Black Green Flat, XF-69NATO Black, XF-72 Brown, XF-73 Dark Green
  • Tamiya Spray Paint TS-3 Dark Yellow, TS-10 French Blue, TS-20 Metallic Green, TS-22 Light Green, TS-23 Light Blue
  • Trumpeter Avro Vulcan B.MK2 1/144 Scale Model
  • Tamiya German Motorcycle & Sidecar 1/48 Scale Model
  • Tamiya Kawanishi N1K1-Ja Shiden type 11 1/72 Scale War Bird Collection
  • Tamiya Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero Fighter 1/48 Scale Model
  • Evergreen 4083 Novelty Styrene Sheet
  • Evergreen 9040 Plain .040 Styrene Sheet
New Arrivals - April 10, 2024
  • Magic The Gathering Draft Booster Kamigawa Neon Dynasty, Midnight Hunt
  • Magic the Gathering Play Booster Murders at Karlov Manor
  • Gamegenic Matte Prime Sleeves Dark Grey & Blue
  • Gamegenic 100 Card Sleeves Pack Matte Yellow
  • Dragon Shield Card Sleeves 100 Pack Matte Orange, Magenta, Sapphire, Lime Green, Petrol & Ivory
  • Magic the Gathering Playmat Strixhaven Quandrix, Secret Lair Progenitus
  • Magic the Gathering Draft Booster March of the Machines
  • Magic the Gathering Set Booster Crimson Vow
  • e
New Arrivals - April 9, 2024
  • Pokemon Box Set Grafaiai Ex
  • Funko POP! Plush Disney NBX Sally & Zero
  • Funko POP! Formal Jack Skellington & Formal Sally
  • Funko POP! Jack Skellington with Tombstone & Jack and Zero with Tree
  • Funko POP! Stranger Things Eddie, Nancy, Robin, Steve, Dustin & Jonathan
  • Funko POP! Games Pokemon Luxray, Sobble, Grookey, Wooloo
  • Funko POP! 75 Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Kitty In Cake
  • Dragon Shield Card Sleeves 100 Pack Matte Emerald & Ivory
  • Chessex Set 36D6 Dice White & Black, Light Blue & White
  • Gamegenic Deck Box Stronghold 200+ Black
New Arrivals - April 7, 2024
  • Pokemon 2024 Stacking Tin Q1
  • Pokemon Box Set Mabosstiff Ex
  • Pokemon Paldea Adventure Chest
  • Funko POP! MLB 71 Blue Jays Vladimir Guerrero Jr
New Arrivals - April 6, 2024
  • Funko Pop Hockey 73 Maple Leafs Mitch Marner
  • Funko Pop NBA Mascots 07 Toronto Raptors The Raptor
  • Funko POP! MLB 19 Toronto Blue Jays Mascot Ace
  • Funko Pop Hockey 71 NHL Guy LaFleur
  • Funko Pop Hockey 07 NHL Youppi!
  • Funko POP! Hockey 95 Penguins Sidney Crosby
  • Dragon Shield Card Sleeves 100 Pack Matte Mint
  • Gamegenic Matte Prime Sleeves Dark Grey
  • Magic the Gathering Set Booster Brother's War
  • Gamegenic 100 Card Sleeves Matte Green
  • Funko POP! MLB 75 Bo Bichette
New Arrivals - April 6, 2024
  • Dragon Shield Card Sleeves 100 Pack Matte Mint
  • Gamegenic Matte Prime Sleeves Dark Grey
  • Magic the Gathering Set Booster Brother's War
  • Gamegenic 100 Card Sleeves Matte Green
  • Dragon Shield Card Sleeves 100 Pack Matte Emerald
  • Dragon Shield Card Sleeves 100 Pack Matte Ivory
  • Chessex Set 36D6 Dice White & Black
  • Chessex Set 36D6 Dice Light Blue & White
  • Gamegenic Deck Box Stronghold 200+ Black
  • Canadian Raw Chunk Amethyst
New Arrivals - April 5, 2024
  • Gamegenic Just Sleeves Standard White
  • Gamegenic Matte Prime Sleeves Pink
  • Gamegenic Matte Prime Sleeves Orange
  • Dragon Shield Matte Sapphire 100 Card Sleeves
  • Magic The Gathering Set Booster Dominaria United
  • Magic the Gathering Lost Caverns of Ixalan Draft Booster
  • Magic the Gathering Play Booster Murders at Karlov Manor
  • Dragon Shield Card Sleeves 100 Pack Matte Yellow
  • Dragon Shield Card Sleeves 100 Pack Matte Blood Red
  • Magic the Gathering Ultra Pro Playmat Visions of Phyrexia
New Arrivals - April 2, 2024
  • woodland scenes foam cutter replacement wire
  • excel Sprue Cutter
  • SunsOut 1000pc Puzzle Ice Dragon
  • Excel No. 1 Knife With 5 Blades
  • Excel Extra Hands With Magnifier
  • Dragon Shield Card Sleeves 100 Pack Matte Orange & Matte Forest Green
  • Dragon Shield Deck Shell Blue
  • Tamiya 10ml Jar Enamel Paint X-11 Chrome Silver, XF-57 Buff
  • Tamiya 20ml Jar Cement
  • Dragon Shield Matte 100 Card Sleeves Ruby
  • National Hardware N213-454 Decorative Corners 9/16 Inch Brass
  • MTG Sealed Play Booster Box Murder at Karlov Manor
  • D&D Prismatic Paint 8ml Bottle 92.411 Water Elemental, 92.049 Stonewall Grey, 92.006 Sun Yellow
  • AMT '55 Chevy Bel Air Sedan Model 1/25 Scale
  • Trumpeter F-86F-40-NA Sabre Model 1/144 Scale
  • Airfix Messerschmitt Me262B-1a/U1 Model 1/72 Scale
  • Evergreen Strips (10) .125 x .125 24
  • Tamiya Surface Primer Spray Paint
  • Tamiya TS-5 Drab Olive Spray Paint
  • Evergreen Strips (10) 366.080 x .125
  • Tamiya 10ml jar enamel paint x-7 insignia red, X-4 Blue, X-13 Metallic Blue
  • Evergreen Plain Styrene Sheet .060
  • Tamiya 10ml Jar X-5 Green, XF-85 Rubber Black, X-9 Brown
  • Evergreen 2060 V-groove Styrene Sheet .060 .02 space
  • Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer 40ml
  • Tamiya Acrylic X-24 Clear Yellow, X-5 Green
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Pokemon Grafaiai Ex Box Set

Pokemon Temporal Forces

New Pokemon S&V Paldean Fates Booster Bundles - $44.25

New Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paldean Fates Collections Have Arrived

~ Premium Collection Box $89.95
~ Mini Tin $17.70
~ Collector Tin $44.95

Just Arrived Ty Items

Introducing Magic The Gathering Play Nights

MTG Game Night

Ever wanted to learn how to play?
Want to play against new and different people?

Join us every Thursday night from 6:00pm to 9:00pm and every Sunday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. The entrance fee is $6.00 (tax inc) for Thursday and $5.00 (inc tax) for Sunday.

Looking to buy something from us, Call us at 519-538-0447.
You an also email "darscrystaldragon at" and include your phone number
Watch the website for more product listings.

The Crystal Dragon is a unique retail store offering a mix of:

  • Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! decks and booster packs
  • Magic The Gathering (MTG) Cards and accessories
  • Ultra Pro Card Sleeves, Boxes and Displays
  • Ultra-Pro and Gamegenic Card Sleeves and accessories
  • Funko Pop figures. We have over 200 different characters in stock!
  • Tamiya model paint in acrylic and enamel in wide variety of colours
  • Art supplies including paint brushes, sketch books, canvases
  • Novelty Socks, including ODD Socks, Crazy Socks, Cool Socks and other Licenced Socks and Boxer Bries, and Belts
  • Ty Beanies, Squishies, Boos and Mini Purses
  • Pepper North and more Hot Sauce
  • HEM, Goloka and Satya Incense, Ash Catchers and Burners as well as Essential Oils
  • Estes Model Rockets. All skill levels and accessories
  • Dungeons and Dragons Gaming, Dice and game accessories.
  • 500 and 1000 Piece Puzzles in assorted designs
  • Neca and Mezco figurines, including Living Dead Dolls and Neca books
  • Action figures by McFarlane, Marvel Select, Neca and DC Direct
  • New and Vintage vinyl. and 45 rpm's in sleeves
  • Vintage PEZ dispensers and PEZ toy merchandise
  • Paperback and hard cover selection of science fiction novels, including ACE, Tor, DAW, and Pocket Books!
  • Hotwheels
  • Collectible statues - Neca's Head Knockers, and Limited Editions
  • Vintage electronic components and vacuum tubes
  • Vintage stereo and studio equipment, such as amps, turn tables, stylus and repair components
  • Doctor Who Merchandise
  • NOS Furniture Pulls and Knobs
  • Lots of furniture repair supplies, like tacks, nails, and hinges
  • Our Own homemade candles in paraffin, coconut and beeswax