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Here is some information that JR and I are asked for very often. If you don't see your question, feel free to email me at darscrystaldragon at and I'll add it to the list.

Do we take items on consignment?
We do not accept items on consignment. We prefer to purchase any items that you may have out right rather then place items with us on consignment.

What kinds of items do we purchase?
Things We May Buy:

  • Vintage Vinyl Records (70-80 rock, Blues)
  • Vintage Bellows Cameras (pre 60s)
  • Vintage Electronics

Things we DO NOT Buy:

  • Statues or sculptures made of porcelin, resin, wood, stone or glass
  • Curios and interesting one of a kind pieces
  • Crystal anything, including stemware, bowls,and plates
  • Anything chipped, broken, or damaged
  • Collector Plates
  • Precious Moments
  • China, earthenware, or ironstone
  • Depression era and cut glass items
  • Silverware or silver plate items

Is our merchandise previously owned?
Currently, The Crystal Dragon offers a mix of both previously enjoyed and brand new merchandise.

Items such as the glass, china and curios for sale have been previously owned, displayed or enjoyed. At the time I purchased them, the items are in perfect condition. Meaning no chips, cracks, breakage or wear and tear. Please feel free to inspect the item(s) before purchasing them.

The Crystal Dragon also brings in most of our toy and collectible lines in from our wholesalers. This includes new pressed vinyl, new Hot Wheels and new Pez in addition to vintage pieces.

Does The Crystal Dragon charge tax?
We do charge HST on all purchases as mandated by the federal and provincial governments.

How do we price our merchandise?
The Crystal Dragon does try to fairly price our items. There is a set formula that we use for our new products. We use a variety of places to determine the retail price of our collectibles, curios, and vintage items. This may include matching the prices of similar items already in our store as well as using virtual market places like, amazon, and etsy for up to date selling prices.

Do you take cash?
The Crystal Dragon offers cash, visa and master card and debit payment options.